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Top 10 things that you don't know about Google's i am feeling lucky button

Top 10 things that you don't know about google's i am feeling lucky button

Now lets take a look at step by step procedure [try using pc]

go to google.com

type any of the following keywords and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky button’ [or just search]

Type in Google Gravity and wait a sec to experience the effect of gravity.
Type in “French Military Victories” and press "I'm feeling lucky".
Type in “elgoog”and the Mirror effect is on.
Type in “Google Sphere” and see the spinning effect.

[*] Type in “find Chuck Noris” (A must search keyword for al Chuck Norris Fans ).

[*] Type in “who is the cutest” and see who’s so cute and beautiful/handsome.

[*] Type in “2204355” and see (You’ve been Chicken Rolled).

[*] Type in “Google Loco” and see what’s moving.

[*] Type in “ LOL Limewire” and see that you are as a pirate.

[*] Type in “Epic Google,

[*] Type in Rainbow google,
[*] Type in Annoying Google,
[*] Type in Google pacman,
[*] Type in Google Magic,
[*] Type in Google color (Ex: pink,blue),

[*] Type in Early Google,
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