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Must Vote for New "Premium Account" Sub-Forum in PC Softwares KeY patch

Hi Friends... As you know there are many threads for Premium accounts in Gprshub.com but there is no specific Category For this thread.

So Lets Vote and request "admin" to add this Forum or Sub-Forum in Gprshub.com.

So Friends Don't Ignore this plz choose a option from the poll and must vote !!

If you want This new category in this site plz choose the first option..

If you dont want this category , choose the 2nd option... (if you choose this option plz mention below WHY? you dont want this category)

If you want that This category in Gprshub and You want that I will be moderator for that forum so plz choose 3rd option

I personally request All The Members, Moderators, Super-Moderators to vote for this new "premium account' forum...

plz nobody ignore this....

I promise to all members, mods, super-mods and admin that If I become moderator for this "premium account' forum i will try my best to provide latest premium accounts for free !!!!!
Done! Anmol
done bro
done dude...
Anmol will moderate
ya anmol

we need it..
blaxo bro...

dont comment here..

plz choose a option from poll
(18-04-2015, 04:15 PM)anmol Wrote: blaxo bro...

dont comment here..

plz choose a option from poll

[Image: robofinal3xbulletfast.gif]
I Am With u man
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