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Now Install Cr@cked App without Jialbreak ur Apple Device


yes guys you heard ri8,
now you can install pirated apps without jailbreak


B) Disturbing new services are surfacing that circumvent Apple's DRM to allow for pirating of iOS apps without a jailbreak, according to TNW report.Smile

A Chinese site called Kuaiyong has seen a surge in popularity following the closure of Hackulous. Using a mobile or desktop application users can simply search for and install apps without paying for them.:yu:

The apps appear to have been purchased under an Apple enterprise license, which allows for installation to multiple devices. There could also be a bundle of smaller developer accounts being used, which max out at 100 ‘slots’. They are then being re-distributed to other users through the two tools. There are some indications, however, that the issues go further than a single enterprise license.

[Image: 101436.png]

TNW notes that Kuaiyong is distributing the exact same copy of an app with the same set of (encrypted) credentials. It suggests that perhaps they've figured out a way to bypass Apple's licensing rules to redistribute the same copy of an application over and over.


:D Ctrl+c and ctrl+v from:D

source : Iclarified Smile
Jailbreaker apple 6 main kaise download karna ha
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