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Tunnel guru vpn full solution with Hd Video

Tunnel guru vpn full solution with Hd Video

Hi I am going to explain how to connect tunnel guru with Airtle 3g
Although Param Bro already Explain Hall Process very well but many user asked me that I make a video of Tunnel guru.
So I am here with Video

Before you come on the process maintain some basic Requirement

1 your Sim Must be unlock .
Many user does not Know How to check that their sim block or unblock
Connect your Modem and type in address bar airtellive.com
If your page opne it means your sim unblocked otherwise blocked

Before we come on tunnel software first check you airtellive Home page
If you don’t see original airlellive home then go option/Advance/Network/Clear now
Close your Mozilla, Disconnect your Modem
Again connect your Modem and check you problem solve or Not
If again you facing problem angina repeat same step till you got original Homepage

2 download tunnel guru form here tunnel guru download

3 Register Here For User Name or Password Regestration

After doing Register open your mail id which you submit and get you user name and password

4 download Java Runtime from here Java Runtime download

After complete all requirement install your tunnel guru and wait till tap driver not install

Now connect Modem with airtelgprs.com

Now open tunnel guru vpn in administrator and fill detail

1 Server Select any Demo Server
2 Rport 443
3 Lport 0
4 User Your Tunnel Guru User Name
5 Password Fill Your TunnelGuru Password
6 Untick From Tunnel DNS Query
7 Protocol TCP
8 Tick on Use Proxy and Fill
9 Header host:wynk.in/@

If it Not work then you can try this host also

1 buddies.airtelmoney.in/@
2 airtelgurus.com/@
3 airtellive.com/@
4 one.airtel.in/@
5 get.hike.in/@
6 d.airtelworld.com/@

Click on Start After Few Second You Will Connect.

Daily Limit 150MB in demo server if you have premium account there is not limit and use unlimited

That’s all Enjoy

IN this video i dont show you my real password
so dont try to copy pass

For Full detail download and watch this video Tunnel Guru Hd video

Video Details Length 10.40 Min and size 30 Mb


This video is pass protected and The password only for registered member

PASSWORD IS Hidden Content This content is hidden from you. If you want to see it you have to register on this board.
[Image: v64txz.jpg]
not working i m from mp
(16-01-2015, 01:52 PM)rahulsharma4298 Wrote: not working i m from mp

try to change your host
[Image: v64txz.jpg]
not downloading file tunnel
(18-01-2015, 12:08 PM)krishna.ramg3 Wrote: not downloading file tunnel

ok i chack
[Image: v64txz.jpg]
it not take register in tunnelguru..
Try Now every thing work properly
[Image: v64txz.jpg]
Nice work bro


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