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Thread Options CashVid.io : Make over 3 USD a day running a video wall on your pc/ph

The site costs nothing to join. And has no membership fees or upgrade fees or even withdrawal fees! 

At the moment, in prelaunch stage you can only withdrawal in PayPal. But very shortly we will have the option for Bitcoin as well as Gift Cards, and other methods you might suggest for payment are open as well!

Signup now for $0.10 start bonus! 
(must use an affiliate code to sign up, system requires it. 


Earn 0.006 USD per 3 ads viewed on the video wall. Earn 5% from direct referrals, 3% from level 2 referrals, and 1% from level 3-10 referrals on the 10 level referral downline. 100% free to use.
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