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Nano Timer Pro v1.0.2

Nano Timer Pro v1.0.2
Requirements: 2.2 and up
Overview: Nano Timer is a Rubik's Cube timer app developed for speedcubers.

[Image: IX1m10eaTFbo2tVNEBJEtXYsYnq_BKlWmnFRLaRo...am_yZ=h310]

Get this timer on your device to solve cubes anywhere and anytime while keeping track of your progression, your averages, your best times, and a lot more.

Nano Timer Pro unlocks the following features:
• Times export/import
• Graphs: progression and frequency (solves count over time)
• Manual times creation
• Previous sessions details visualization
• No ads

Free features:
• Scramble generation for many cube types (new "random-state" scrambles for 3x3x3 and 2x2x2)
• History tracking
• Customizable inspection timer
• Easy access to functionalities like +2 and DNF
• Scrambles saving
• New "Solve type" functionality allowing you to have a separate history for a same cube type
• Define your own solve types to perfectly suit your needs and solve one-handed or even blindfolded without affecting your normal averages
• Multiple-steps timer to see where you are spending most of your time, allowing you to know where you should focus your practice
• Special blind solve type with blind-specific fields like success rate, last/best Mo3 and average of successes
• Keep track of your averages, your best times, and your best averages

All of this in an easy to use and good-looking timer.
Give a new breath to your Rubik's cube solves and start improving like never before with Nano Timer!

This app has no advertisements

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