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New vpn s and tunneling apps to access free internet

hii techies ,as you know some vpns are slow so today I will share some new VPN tricks here .......

Droid VPN
1.download the latest droid VPN which supports http tunneilng

2.create an account in droidvpn site

3.then login in droid VPN

4.on left side click on pay load generator

5.in url host....type ur freesite eg.one.airtel.in

6.click on online host and save (u may modify the setting for disconnetion or not connecting issue )

7.then go to setting click on TCP http and then go to the last http setting check it

8.then go to the home of VPN click on http ..and connect

psiphon xp

psiphon xp setting is same as Droid VPN ,but its unlimited,I mean VPN unlimited ,not the host .

1. here click on payload generator

2 .in url host....type ur freesite eg.one.airtel.in

3.click on online host and save (u may modify the setting for disconnetion or not connecting issue )

4.then go to option and choose Indian server and connect ,always do some research ,if not connecting change host or use a proxy.

http injector

it s another tunneling app ,same as other but thus VPN don't have its own server ,so you have to create an account in ssh server sites

1.go to createssh.com ,fastssh.com ,skyssh.com and create an account ,after successful creating you will get the username ,password ,server address ,port and validity details,

2.then open http tunneling

3.click on setting ...then payload generator and

4.in url put one.airtel.in and click on online proxy and save

5.then go to home you will see your host there and below this you have to put a working proxy and port

6.then go to ssh setting put ur user id ,server address, password ,port

7..then go to home and connect

psiphon VPN

1.download latest VPN ,which is more stable

2.click on option then use http proxy

3.then click on use below setting

4.put one.airtel.in in proxy and 80 in port

and click connect.

limit=500mb/month after 250 mb sunblock ,shock unblocks in 15 days so use another 250 mb.
visit again n again Heart
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