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Facebook Phishing Without Using Wapka (New)

This is the another best possible way to use Phishing without creating your personal Facebook Phishing site. And best trick is, You don’t need any Script or Code for this. Let me start.

1) First of all go to website Shadowave.

2) Click on >>>Sign Up Here<<< button.


Facebook Phishing New Method Without Using Wapka

3) Enter Username, Email, Password and all details and click on Sign Up button.


4) After creating your account Successfully, Login to your account and it will show your Phishing Scamas on screen. You can use Facebook Profile Scama or Facebook App Scama. (We are using Profile Scama in the guide).


5) It’s time to design your Phishing according to your need. Set Profile Picture, Cover Photo, and other details for your Phishing Profile Scama.


6) After setting it up, click on Create button and it will ask to click here to get your Scama’s link.


7) It will show you, your Link just copy it and send to your Victim. This link will appear same like Original Facebook Profile.


8) Now, ask your Victim to send Friend Request on this account, whenever your Victim clicks on Add Friend button, it ask to Login to your Facebook account. Once he/she enters Email-Pass and clicks on Login Button, you will receive entered details on your Shadowave Victim’s section.

So, how’s this new Facebook Phishing trick? Yeah!! It’s too amazing as compared to Wapka. Now, you can use this guide expect old one to complete your phishing wish without any Scripts. This is specially shared for those, who are suffering from issues in Wapka phishing trick. Let’s enjoy.
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Easy to use broooo thx
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