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[Tutorial] Droid VPN 3.0 HTTP Freenet Trick


[Image: fuofwp94.png]

-We will post separately for UDP, TCP & ICMP
-Droid VPN HTTP trick is like Http Injector but no need of IP & port
-Other Country user just Replace URL/Host that is"airtellive.com"


Go to Droid VPN Option - Account - u/p
-Droid VPN for Android
-Droid VPN for PC
Password is droidvpn

-Click on Droid Option (Step1)
-Go to Setting
-Select TCP and HTTP
-Set Remote TCP Port: 443
-Click Set HTTP Headers (Screenshot)

[Image: s6ae83y2.png]

For step by step tutorial just click on image :thumbsup:
how to use i just need to put the server with 0 balance and this is it
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