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Due to its popularity of Facebook, many hackers are actively involved in hacking Facebook accounts of Fb users. In This Post I Share the strategies About How to Stop hackers From hack Your Facebook account.This Simple Post Explain you every detail to Secure your Account.

1. Simplest Method For Hackers assword Cracking

This Is Old method but Very Useful For hackers till now .If your Password is Very Simple like your name, your Date Of birth, your mobile Number they Easily Hack your Fb account Without any Problem

How i Stop Them ???

Create a Very Secure Password That is Difficult To Understand.

Tip :dont put Your Girfreind Name in Password Field or Something like that

2. Facebook Email Address Hack

Before hacking your Facebook Id by your Email They need to know your
Email id that You Register with Facebook When you Create Your Facebook Id. Once they Know they hack Your email id First and Then
Your Facebook account

How it Works??

Once hackers have Access Your Email Account they Go to

~login page of facebook
~ They Click On Forget password
~ and Finally They Enter your email
Id that they hack

Facebook Sent a Link by email to Reset password . Now they Change your password And login With new password

How i Secure myshelf ??
Just follow these steps:

-Hide your Email Address from everyone by going to Edit Profile>Contact Information>Clicking on the icon beside your email address> checking ‘Only Me’.

For Extra Security
go to Account Settings, check ‘Secure browsing’ and ‘Send me an email when a new computer or mobile device logs into this account’ and click Save.

In This Way facebook Sent a Email when anyone Trying to login use Your Facebook account

3. Phishing Method To Hack Your account

This is the easiest ways to trick users into giving out their login Detail.hacker setup a webpage similar in design to that of the Facebook login page .once You Login to This page , your login Details Will be Sent to hackers.

How it Work ??

They Send a Link of there Fake Fb login Page by Email or By posting a Status on Facebook(that Contain link) Sometimes spam Facebook apps.

How i Secure myshelf??

-* Dont Click On Any Suspecious Link on Facebook Speciely ‘hot video’ Or Something Like that.

-* Always Use Www://facebook.com
Or m.Facebook.com To login.

-* If your Using Fb in Mobile Fone Use only Facebook Official Mobile apps.

4. Using Keyloggers to Crack A password

Keylogger is one type of computer that Button you press on keyboard.
Once you Use any Infected Computer they track your Record And Send that Detail To hacker

Once a Hacker Get that Detail They Easily Hack Your Facebook id.

How to Secure myself from keyloggers?

-* Install a Best antivirus and update it time by time.

-* Avoide Download Anything From suspicious Site’s

-* Scan any Flash or pendrive before open or play It

#5 using Social Engineering For facebook

This trick involves using any trick to fool and Get login details.

How it Work?

-* they Sent you emails or Sms, pretending to be from Facebook, telling you to change your password

-*They Sent You links to page That Looks like Facebook login

How to Secure Myself ??

-*Stay Aware and Dont Click on Any email to login to Facebook

-* As i mention Before Use only facebook login Page to login

That’s my post Hacker’s Can Hack your Facebook Account, How To Stop Them
If You Found this post useful Plz Share This Post .
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