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Android Problems- Solution Here

After installing this rom only J200GDCU2APL6_J200GODD2APL6_J200GDDU2APJ2_HOME.tar .md5 front cam is working but its showing Total space 8gb.....available space 588mb,systemmemory 7.02gb,used space 401mb.In es file explore its showing internal memory 979.90 mb total,available 411.95mb.out of 8gb its showing me 1gb.guys plz help me.......In the storage area when you enter in seeing the phone storage space there are a lot of lists and one of them is system memory. It means that run the whole device. It takes 7gb out of 8gb how is it possible?(7gb untouchable,only using 1gb out of 8gb)
hi sir. I want an App that removes my locked app from recent list. my android version is android M ..
whenever I minimise my locked app it shows up in recent app list. causing a hole in privacy .. please Help Nap bro.
sir i need cwm or twrp custom recovary for LS-4503 LYF flame 1
@alieeem try this

[GH निर्वाचन अधिकारी] join me at fb http://facebook.com/napstergh[Image: etoile.gif]
(17-03-2017, 09:51 AM)matem Wrote: sir i need cwm or twrp custom recovary for LS-4503 LYF flame 1

try this

napster sir
. .. i will downloded but ...it was a rom.. i need custom recovary like cwm or twrp for lyf flame 1
how i can Unlock my sim samsung s550tl for free and thanks
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