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slowdns big problem

hey..friends..I download slow DNS premium version(4.83 mb)...then I put this ip- it connected for just 2 seconds...and then disconnect after 2 second..and show this message---current server is full..please select another server........then I select another 5 servers...but the problem is same.,,just connectd for 2 seconds..can any one tell me what's the problem???,,and its solution???
buy primium acc...only that solution
Slow DNS se sim block hoti hai ki nhi..??
@naushad No, using slowdns will not block ur sim and its works also on block/double block sim !

@sohel555 Every app of tunnelguru/troidvpn have many servers but the servers have a limit of mximum connection at the same time !
Suppose Maximum 1500 User can connect to one Server and 1500 is connected and now if u r trying this time to connect then u will be not connect but if u try for 10-15 Minute priodically then there is a big chance of connection but same type of many people r also trying this so maybe sometime u will not connect !

*****TRY AFTER 12PM ****
thanks bro for being inform me ...#sahasoumitra bro
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