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freedom 251 genuine or legit?

Airtel 4G vali Ladki ne Kal sare phone book kar diye Smile
250 rs dene me mujhe koi problem nahi hai
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visit again n again Heart
rs 250 dene me kisi ko koi prblm nai h bt we have to share our personal details also bro @ Napster
According to one of the interview given by the ASHOK CHADDA -
Cost of making for one single phone is 2,500 rupees,
1-if it is made in INDIA they get a compensation(13.8%) of 450,
2-selling it online they get again a benfit of 450,
3-producing in bulk reduces cost by 550.
so including all this benifits the reduced cost will be "800 rupees" only.
According to them selling at 251 results in diffference of 550.
This 550 will be recovered by various online advertisement earnings,eCommerce earnings etc.

The Telecom Ministry has issued orders to freedom251 for marketing their product Without the approval of BSI , also asked UP GOVT about the status of the company.

The Freedom251 has not made any deal with any of the making and assembling organisation with in INDIA.So customers should be alert because it is not easy to predict whether the company make its promise true.
This Freedom 251 will emerge as a fantastic scam duping millions and the schemers will go scot free.

It's almost 12 hours since the launch of what promises to be the most controversial phone in the world this year, and we're as confused as everyone else. Nothing adds up about the Rs. 251 phone, not even the price tag. Here's why.There's whitener used to cover up the real logo. It's apparently a product of Adcom, a company known for Chinese rebranded phones.
(19-02-2016, 03:14 AM)sasikumar007 Wrote: May be
freedom251 site Will Change their logo banner with
"Advance April Fool Day"

Its was the biggest fool code.

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