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Airtel Sim Unblocking Tricks

If u r free net users and using net since a long time and now facing blocking issues, then this thread is for you :D

I am gonna tell you all the possible tricks u can use for unblocking your sim Smile

May be some of them are repost or may be all .. But here is the collection of all the tricks I knw for unblocking your airtel sims Smile

Trick 1 :

1. First you need to active a small 3g pack on your airtel number. just activate any small 3g pack by dialing *121*11#

2. After that, activate 500 MB 3g airtel night pack data plan by dialing *129#

3. So now you have 2 valid active data packs on your airtel number. one is normal data balance [ activated in step 1, small 3g pack] and another one is the night pack [500 mb 3g activated in step 2]

4. Okay, now start browsing internet [at day time, that is you are using your normal data balance here]. use your normal data pack and disconnect the data when it reaches below 2 Mb . Don't use full data, keep a normal data balance of 1-2 MB.

5. Then, again restart browsing after 12 AM night. that is now you are using your night 3g data pack [500 3g night data balance which is activated on step 2].
Complete this night data pack. That is, use the complete 500 Mb data by browsing or downloading.

6. You are done. Now your sim will be unblocked within hours.

As per as the users This trick is working in Tamil Nadu region Smile Rest You can Check it in Your State :thumbsup:

Trick 2

1. First you need to recharge your sim with any small 2g pack. you can activate 2g data plan by dialing *567#

2. Now you need to deactivate your 3g zero rental plan.
dial *121*11# and deactivate airtel 3g zero rental plan on your number

3. Then send a message as follows. Enter ' STOP ' and send it to ' 1925 '

4. Now you will receive a confirmation message from airtel.

5. Then, recharge with any 3g data pack by dialing *121*11#

6. You are successfully unblocked your airtel number.

Trick 3

1. keep a minimum balance of rs 2 in your airtel sim

2. Now goto one.airtel.in from your default phone browser

3. Activate the youtube video trail pack of 100 mb [Read last line of this trick]

4. Now need to goto Wynk Music and click on free download when your downloads reach 50-60% cancel it

5. Now goto wynk movies and click free download.
same as above step, when the download reaches 50-60% disconnect it

6. Yeah. You have successfully unblocked your airtel sim. This trick working in many states.

If you have used all your Youtube Free Data Packs .. then Skip that step :D

Trick 4

1. First send message " STOP" to 1925 from your airtel sim

2. Then take a 3g internet loan of 60mb by dialing the ussd code *567*10#

3. You are done... your airtel sim will be unblocked within 48 hours

Note - if it not works, try below trick too

Trick 5

1. You need a minimum balance of Rs 10 in your sim

2. Now go to one.airtel.in

3. Then click on Fun unlimited & Video store one time

4. now select data packs in navigation side

5. Then activate Rs 5, 2g data pack. [actually, it will not activate]

6. Don't close browser. continue browsing airtellive.com , until your balance becomes Rs 0.

7. Now after becoming your balance zero, just open any other free homepage

8. That's all. you have successfully unblocked your sim.

Trick 6

1. Take RS 10 loan by dialing *567*10#

2. Then dial *121# and select data services airtel zone Video pack

3. now you will receive a message with a link videos.airtelleive.com

4. Then try to open the link atleast 5 times

5. Now browse any airtel free sites, [ do until your balance become zero]

6. switch off your phone and wait 24 hours, your sim will be unblocked soon.

Trick 7 - 100 % working .. Personally Tested By me in Delhi Smile

1. First dial *141*10# and activate 50 MB data loan with validity 2 days

2. Now use some data [ don't use completely. use only some Mb of data]

3. Then remove your airtel sim from phone on next day

4. Now after 24 hours again insert your airtel sim on phone

5. Now send a message 'MO' to 54321

6. You are done. Now goto http://one.airtel.in and check that you are unblocked or not!

From all the above trick to be check .. You must have Patience.. Don't come back in thread furiously and start abusing me :lol: .. All tricks which I have posted have risk factor .. Because u will recharge ur airtel with some amount of money .. but for testing in your state for ur own sake .. u have to do it Smile

Comments are always welcome .. m definitely expecting comments like Repost Old tricks .. but still for those who are not Aware of these tricks and still wandering for 100 % working method to unblock the sim ..

Writing this post took 45 mins :hehe:

[GH निर्वाचन अधिकारी] join me at fb http://facebook.com/napstergh[Image: etoile.gif]
Thanks for usable Thread
hey bro, I facing speed capping issue after 10 mb.
Every time I have to disconnect internet after completing 10 mb. Plz give any suggestion.
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