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A!RTEL Your Freedom 100% Working Trick [September Blast Mob+PC]

Hello Guys.. Its me Sere After a long time again posting a working trick to u guys .. 87

This time its YOUR FREEDOM app Trick Smile

I don't know whether this type of trick has been posted earlier or not .. but here posted bcoz Some Users need this..

Now Come to the point

Its Host based Trick so, sim blocking will be there.. so change hosts according to you..

Download Your Freedom App from Attachment Smile

The go HERE and register an account.. Skip this step if u already have an account :D

Open Your Freedom app, And click on Configure settings

[Image: Configure.png]

In Account Information, enter ur details and BACK to that configure screen.

Then click on Connection and change the following server settings

[Image: Wizard.png]

Your Freedom Server – one.airtel.in

Connection mode – HTTP

Port – 80

now slide to right 2 times and enter this Rolleyes

[Image: Slide.png]

Proxy Address – ems27.your-freedom.de

Proxy Port – 80

Proxy Type – HTTP/HTTPS

Proxy Authentication – Basic or None

Then go back by tapping Back

and then start connection

You will Be Connected in Few Seconds.

[Image: Main_screen.png]

100% working In Delhi, Gujrat .. Aur ye trick mne completely Jugaad ki hai ... test it in every state n give the reviews :D


Here Is APK


For Windows

[Image: 1lgNDe7.gif]
While creating account am facing difficulty in email address why ?
Its showing me " printable ascii only "
Whats that and how to enter email add properly?
ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. It's a 7-bit character code where every single bit represents a unique character. On this webpage you will find 8 bits, 256 characters, according to ISO 8859-1 and Microsoft® Windows Latin-1 increased characters, which is available in certain programs such as Microsoft Word.
[GH निर्वाचन अधिकारी] join me at fb http://facebook.com/napstergh[Image: etoile.gif]
any trick to make your freedom premium...? please share ...
how to bypass 250mb per month? net loading only 250mb..
Yes this trick is just for 250mb per month or my sim is blocked??
Bro this is not working for PC .
it gets connected but not able to browse or download anything .
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