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Important battles in medieval Indian History

List of important battles fought in
India from 1000 CE up to 1857 CE.

  1. Battle of Tarain

    (First)(1191) This battle was fought at Tarain nearThaneswar . Prithviraj of Chauhan Dynasty defeated the Mohaammad of Ghor.

  2. Second Battle of Tarain(1192)

    It was fought at same Tarain battlefield as in the first Tarain battle. This was fought by Mohammad Ghori against Prithvi Raj Chauhan. This time Prithvi Raj was

  3. Battle of Chandawar(1194)

    In this battle Jaichandra was defeated by Mohammad Ghori. Battle of Panipat(21-April-1526) In this battle Babur defeated the Army of Afghans and killed their king
    Ibrahim Lodi .

  4. Battle of Khanwa(17-March-1527)

    Rajputs under Rana of Mewar Rana Sanga , were defeated by Babur of Ferghana. Rana Sanga was wounded in the battlefield.

  5. Battle of Chanderi(1528)

    Medini Rai of Chanderi was defeated in the hands of Babur. [1]

  6. Battle of Ghagra or Gogara (6-

    Babur defeated and dispersed

  7. Battle of chausal (7-June-1539)

    Sher shah defeated the mughals, but
    Humayun, the king escaped by
    crossing over the river.

  8. Battle of Kanauj or Billgram (17-

    Sher shah won against Humayun .
    Occupied only Agra city.

  9. Battle for Delhi (7 October 1556)

    King 'Hem Chandra Vikramaditya' defeated Akbar's forces in Delhi.

  10. Battle of Panipat(5-November-1556)

    Hem Chandra Vikramaditya (Hemu) was defeated by Mughals under Akbar .

  11. Battle of Bannihatti or Tallikota(23-

    Unified Army of five Deccan Sultanates defeated the Vijayanagara Army and Vijayanagara General Ramaraju was killed in the battlefield.

  12. Battle of Haldighati(1576)

    This was started between Akbar and Rana of Mewar Pratap. Decisive Mughal victory.

  13. First Carnatic War(1745–48)

    This war was fought by British and French armies. French occupied Madras, later returned it to British.

  14. Second Carnatic War(1749–54)

    French army under the command of Duplex fought with British and British won. In 1755 they made a provisional treaty.

  15. Third Carnatic War(1756–63)

    In 1758 French occupied Fort SaintDavid. But defeated at Wandiwasi(1760). Britishers won.

  16. Battle of Plassey(June-1757)

    British Army under the command of Robert Clive fought with Bengal Nawab Siraz-ud-daula and British won and Mir Jafar was made Nawab.Siraz-ud-daula,while he was unarmed was killed mercilessly by Muhammad Beg,a person who was under his assylum.
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