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How I made .25 Bitcoin (4000 rs) - hacker27 - 06-07-2017

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video from a YouTuber who claims he has made thousands of dollars playing dice on, a provably fair gambling site where you deposit bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin and try your luck with the dice bot. 
I was skeptical at first, but after listening and watching him use his technique, I was blown away at the perfect logic behind the system, and the endless flow of money which could arise from statistical prowess. 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized they way gambling works, meaning that the house advantage typically seen elsewhere is no longer as powerful. makes it possible to sculpt your odds in your favor, as long as you are a smart player and follow the exact technique provided by Adam. 

I have made .25 bitcoin so far, just by using these simple steps, which I recommend trying after watching Adams video.


  • Set PAYOUT to 100X

  • Set ROLL OVER 99 to win

  • Winning events set BACK TO BASE

  • Losing events INCREASE BY 1%. This is the essence of the method. Increasing your bet amounts on the inevitable rain of losses per roll gives you a nice profit once you hit that WIN.

  • Deposit at least 0.1 BTC into Bitsler. This gives you more rolling power, so you don't end up losing everything in case you hit more than 400 straight losses. The more bitcoin you have, the more it becomes impossible for you to lose everything. So far I have seen the method work.

  • START PIlOT MODE. Now watch closely for that 1 win. You are looking to make ONE SINGLE WIN, which will increase your amount by roughly %1

  • STOP PILOT MODE once you hit that win. For some reason, people have had bad experiences by letting it run for hours with out stopping on each win. I assume there is an algorithm on the site which defends against people just letting the game run for hours with these odds. By stopping each time, you reset the system and guarantee your profits. 

  • WITHDRAW after each .1 BTC made. Be smart, you never know when a website could crash or cease to exist. With anything, its always better to not put all your eggs in one basket. I recommend Poloniex for storage of bitcoin and any other crypto. You should actually be buying ETC right now Smile

I can absolutely guarantee slow steady profits on this site. I will be updating you guys on my progress and it is my desire that you will realize the potential and analyze the numbers yourself before being skeptical. I was once a skeptic, but I am now a believer in provably fair dice. 
Click the link below to get started!!