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Tutorial showing how to login to Google+ on Modded Games:



Prerequisites (Things required in order for this to work):


- Rooted Phone/Emulator

- Lucky Patcher

- Busy Box (Needed for some functions on Lucky patcher)

- Unsigned Mod APK of the game you are trying to connect to Google+


Note: If you do not have unsigned Mod APK of the game, You can make it by following this tutorial Here:


Important - Making Unsigned Mod Apk For Rooted Phone Use to Sign in to Google+



Installation Steps:


1) Open Lucky Patcher and click on toolbox 




2) After that click on Patch to Android button 




3) A new menu will open as soon as you click on Patch to android. Tick the 'Signature Verification status

always true' and 'Disable .apk Signature Verfication' and click on Apply. It will take some time to patch,

till then do not click on anything.




4) Once the patch is finished you will see a message as shown in the figure. Close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.





Some devices may not show this message but instead just restart the device, Make sure to check Lucky Patcher to see if the says patch Applied or not just below the patches


5) After your phone restarts, open Lucky Patcher again and Go to Toolbox---->Patch to Android again as shown in earlier steps.


6) Tick on the option 'Disable signature verification in the package manager' and click on Apply. Wait for it to complete the process. After the Process is completed, close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.



On Some devices after the patch is applied the phone will Reboot automatically. No need to Restart again if the phone Restarted automatically.


7) After the patches are applied, uninstall the modded game for which you are trying to connect to Google+


8) Install the Playstore version of the game that you are trying to connect to Google+, Once the Game is installed login to Google+


9) Get the unsigned mod APK of the modded game and install it (the game will automatically be installed over the Playstore version) Make sure you do not uninstall the Playstore version as it is very important.


10) It is done when you open the game now it will already be connected to Google+.




Text tutorial explaining how to login to Facebook with Modded Games:


1. Disable/uninstall Facebook app.

2. Launch the game that requires Facebook login to play.

3. You will be redirect to a browser login for Facebook.

4. Input your credentials.

5. Voila! You're set and ready to go.


Note: No root is required for this.




P.S: I have tried to go in as much detail as I can, If you still don't understand it, oh well

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This is game is like god of war game but it is very interesting game is suddenly find it on this page and posted this theard for you guys if u want to play this game visit this site http://play.mob.org/game/god_of_war_chai...ympus.html
Or how to download then watch this video

Attached Files
.jpg   9_god_of_war_chains_of_olympus.jpg (Size: 45.08 KB / Downloads: 19)
.jpg   6_god_of_war_chains_of_olympus.jpg (Size: 46.83 KB / Downloads: 20)
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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video from a YouTuber who claims he has made thousands of dollars playing dice on Bitsler.win, a provably fair gambling site where you deposit bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin and try your luck with the dice bot. 
I was skeptical at first, but after listening and watching him use his technique, I was blown away at the perfect logic behind the system, and the endless flow of money which could arise from statistical prowess. 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized they way gambling works, meaning that the house advantage typically seen elsewhere is no longer as powerful. Bitsler.win makes it possible to sculpt your odds in your favor, as long as you are a smart player and follow the exact technique provided by Adam. 

I have made .25 bitcoin so far, just by using these simple steps, which I recommend trying after watching Adams video.


  • Set PAYOUT to 100X

  • Set ROLL OVER 99 to win

  • Winning events set BACK TO BASE

  • Losing events INCREASE BY 1%. This is the essence of the method. Increasing your bet amounts on the inevitable rain of losses per roll gives you a nice profit once you hit that WIN.

  • Deposit at least 0.1 BTC into Bitsler. This gives you more rolling power, so you don't end up losing everything in case you hit more than 400 straight losses. The more bitcoin you have, the more it becomes impossible for you to lose everything. So far I have seen the method work.

  • START PIlOT MODE. Now watch closely for that 1 win. You are looking to make ONE SINGLE WIN, which will increase your amount by roughly %1

  • STOP PILOT MODE once you hit that win. For some reason, people have had bad experiences by letting it run for hours with out stopping on each win. I assume there is an algorithm on the site which defends against people just letting the game run for hours with these odds. By stopping each time, you reset the system and guarantee your profits. 

  • WITHDRAW after each .1 BTC made. Be smart, you never know when a website could crash or cease to exist. With anything, its always better to not put all your eggs in one basket. I recommend Poloniex for storage of bitcoin and any other crypto. You should actually be buying ETC right now Smile

I can absolutely guarantee slow steady profits on this site. I will be updating you guys on my progress and it is my desire that you will realize the potential and analyze the numbers yourself before being skeptical. I was once a skeptic, but I am now a believer in provably fair dice. 
Click the link below to get started!!


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Finally, after so many buzzes over the internet, a new update came from Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview Offer.
Transform your home into a happy, smart home with India’s first and only 100% fiber video-optimized network that enables you with the ultra-high speed at fingertips.
As per the latest reports and leaks, it’s clear that Reliance JioFiber is likely to come up with complementary services of Preview Offer for 90 Days initially.

Features Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview:
Consistent High speed: Download, upload, stream 4K videos, movies and your favorite music. Play games, video chat with friends and family and much more.
Connect with multiple devices: Enjoy ultra-high speed internet connectivity on multiple devices simultaneously, without compromising on the speed.
Free Services on Jiofiber Preview offer
Complimentary access for 90 days
Ultra-high speed internet @ 100Mbps
Monthly data of 100GB
Premium Jio Applications: JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioNews, JioXpressNews, JioCloud
Also get some new services like Fixed Voice, Media share, Live & Catchup TV on the large screen, Home Automation, Surveillance, Gaming and more for a complete digital experience.

How to get

Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview Offer for 90 Days
You can get Jio fiber by paying an interest-free refundable security deposit of only Rs 4500. Call Jiocare on the toll-free number 199 from your Jio number, 1800-896-9999 from any other number or write us at getjio@jio.com.

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To get desktop mode you should have chromo let's begin
Step 1-go to chromo browser type any website like Google.com or youtube.com or any website youbwant to open

Step2-now select  3dot option on upper side
Step3-now click on request desktop side and done
Or you can watch my video tutorial to understand much better click on the link 

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87 Download flo chat app and win more price like laptop mobile tablet and other shoping product

flo chat app link - https://flo.app.link/8j0UPxK0jE

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How to Recover Data If USB Debugging Fails

What is USB Debugging?

USB debugging is a bridge between Android phone and computer. To have our Android data managed (recovered or transferred), we will be asked to enable USB debugging so that the contacts, videos, messages, photos and more can be read by our computer.

What If USB Debugging Fails When Being Enabled?
There're still some ways to recover data from your Android even if USB debugging keeps failing or is unable to be turned on because of broken screen. What you need is an outstanding Android Data Recovery on your computer and prepare for an USB cable for your Android phone.

What Can Android Data Recovery Help?
Android Data Recovery is a professional data recovery program for Android phone even if your Android suffered from different situations: USB debugging fails when enabling, black-screen, dead, water-damaged, screen cracks, etc. Data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, and more, can easily be recovered with simple steps.

Method 1. How to Recover Data from Android with USB Debugging Off

Step 1. Download and Install Android Data Recovery

First thing first, you will be asked to download Android Data Recovery on your computer. Launch it after the installation. Then, in the primary screen, as shown below, you can choose the third choice on the left side.


Step 2. Choose Data Type to Scan

In this step, all the recoverable data types will be listed, including contacts, messages, call history, gallery, audio, videos, WhatsApp messages & attachments.


Step 3. Choose Fault Type of Your Android

In the interface, there are two options provided, "1.Touch cannot be used or cannot enter the system" and "2.Black screen (or the screen is broken)". Choose one of them accordingly and choose your phone model in the next screen. As for the debugging mode failed, it is advised that the left choice may be suitable.


Note: This "Recover Data from Broken Android" function only works for some of Samsung devices in Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab series by now.

Step 4. Enter Download Mode
Hold your Android in hand and enter download mode as below: 1. Power off Android. 2. Press "Home", "Power" and "Volume-" at the same time. 3. Press "Volume+".


Now, connect your Android to the computer via USB cable and it will start downloading recovery package for you.


Step 5. Recover Data from Android with USB Debugging Off

Here we come to the final but most critical part – recover. After the 4 steps above, all the data you've chose will be shown in the interface on the left panel. Tap the data type you want to recover, photos for instance. Tap on "Gallery" and the photos will be listed in thumbnails. Tick the box next to the photos you want and click "Recover" to restore photos from your Android with USB debugging off.


With only 5 simple steps, you can retrieve data on your broken Android even if there's something wrong with the USB debugging and you can't enable it. It is very efficient and handy for Android users.

Method 2. How to Fix USB Debugging Connection Problem

It is very frustrating when Android phone fails to connect to computer over ADB mode(Android Debug Bridge). Before giving up, you may try these steps to fix the USB debugging connection problem.

Step 1. Restart your phone. Sometimes after being restarted, the phone can be connected to the computer normally.

Step 2. Check if USB debugging is enabled on your Android phone. If not, enable USB debugging.

Step 3. Make sure that your phone is recognized as an ADB device on the computer:

Quote:- Right-click "My Computer" and choose "Manage";
- In the pop-up window, choose "Device Manager";
- Find your device's ADB interface in the list. Check if there is an entry with "ADB" in its name.

.png   check-adb-device-on-pc.png (Size: 20.15 KB / Downloads: 15)

Normally, you'll see the ADB entry under "ADB Interface", or "Android Phone" , and sometimes under the manufacturer name instead (e.g. "Samsung", "HTC"). If you can't not find ADB entry, you may try to fix the problem by:
Quote:- Reconnecting your Android phone;
- Change the connection modes of your phone, for example, switch the MTP mode to Camera Mode.

Step 4. Delete original ADB driver and install a universal ADB driver. Sometimes a universal ADB driver could fix the USB debugging problem:
Quote:- Connect your Android device via USB and remove the ADB drivers. Then disconnect your device;
- Download an universal ADB driver and install it on your computer. There are various universal ADB driver available online, choose the one that matches your device.

Hope the USB debugging connection works for your Android phone after the above steps

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Actually, I myself have also had such a problem. Later, I learnt that internal memory does not mount as a drive like external memory does and that usually Android recovery tools can only restore things from mounted memory location—SD Card. But, Android SMS Recovery, a photo recovery software for android phone memory, can easily solve it. My phone is Samsung Galaxy S7, running Android 6.0. For more details, please read on.

Method: How to Recover Deleted Files from Android Internal Storage?

1.Android Data Recovery, which is a professional program designed for retrieving lost contacts, messages, WhatsApp history, pictures, music and videos from Android internal memory and also external memory.
Note that even if your device got damaged, it can still restore data from dead Android.
2.A USB cable.
3.A computer (This app also has a version for mac. Since the process is more or less the same as in Win7, I will only do it under Windows.)

1.Stop using your phone right away. 'cause every time you add a new file may mean that the picture of a deleted file is taken. In other words, there is no coming back when the data are overwritten.
2.Make sure that your device is left with power of over 20% so that it won't shut down during the process.

Now we should begin our work by downloading and installing Android Data Recovery.

Download For Windows https://www.mediafire.com/?693aauh4r5yj743
Download For Mac https://www.mediafire.com/?yypl54qjs1rgnrp

Step 1. Connect Android to Computer and Enable USB Debugging

When you launch Android Data Recovery, a window like this should be seen. Connect the two as is told.


Step 2. Enable USB Debugging

If you don't know how to check USB debugging, you probably have not enabled it. Then look at this picture, which clearly depicts how it is done. When finish, press "Start" on the next interface.


Note: If you cannot set up the debugging or the debugging operation fails, you are required to follow another tips to retrieve Android data with debugging failed.

Step 3. Choose Which Kind of File to Be Scanned and in What Mode to Do It
When you finish step 3, the software will make you decide what to scan. Check whichever you want as long as it suits you. And click Next.


Step 4. Allow Superuser Request and Begin Scanning

Now we've come to a point that Android Data Recovery should be grant authority to operate on a rooted phone. Tap Allow on your Android until it no longer shows up. After that, press the Start button on your computer to get going.


Step 5. Preview and Recover Files From Internal Memory

The result will be shown in red and black. View the content first to see if they are what you want. And you may tick the red ones only, which stand for your lost data. Of course, it is your call to choose them all. Recover should be clicked to finish the scanning process.


When all is done, the lost contents will be saved in your PC.

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Generally, USB debugging is off in the normal state, so you should go to turn it on if necessary, while what USB debugging works for? We can find out that when we connect devices to PC, sometimes it cannot work and the PC screen may ask you to enable debugging mode. Actually, USB debugging mode functions as a developer to allow you to copy data between phones/tablets and computer, install apps on devices with ease, and apply some programs on PC which cooperates with Android devices

The approaches of setting up USB debugging depend on the versions of Android OS. That is to say, not all Android phones can be handled in the same way even though they belong to the same model of smartphone.

Part 1: Android 5.0 Lollipop to Android 5.1.1
Part 2: Android 4.2 Jellybean to Android 4.4.4

Part 3: Android 3.0 Honeycomb to 4.1 Jellybean
Part 4: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Earlier

Part 1:Android 5.0 Lollipop to Android 5.1.1

.png   debugging-5-enter-settings.png (Size: 5.22 KB / Downloads: 14)
.png   debugging-5-build-number.png (Size: 7.46 KB / Downloads: 13)
.png   debugging-5-be-a-developer.png (Size: 8.26 KB / Downloads: 14)

Step 2. Tick "USB Debugging"

It is time to return to "Settings" screen to choose "Developer Options" and then, select "USB Debugging". That is done with pressing "OK" option.

.png   debugging-5-turn-on-usb-debugging.png (Size: 9.3 KB / Downloads: 13)
.png   debugging-5-allow-usb-debugging.png (Size: 11.91 KB / Downloads: 13)

Part 2:Android 4.2 Jelly Bean to Android 4.4.4

The devices running Android 4.2 to 4.4.4 can be enabled USB debugging in the similiar way to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Step 1. To be a Developer
Find out "Settings" option and tap it. Then, move to "About phone" and scroll down to tap "Build number" for 7 times to gain a signal telling "You are under developer mode!"

.png   debugging-4-2-about-phone.png (Size: 33.1 KB / Downloads: 13)

Step 2. Set up USB debugging

At this point, tap "Settings" to go into "Developer options" screen to turn on "USB debugging" mode.

.png   debugging-4-2-enable-usb-debugging.png (Size: 32.22 KB / Downloads: 11)

Part 3: Android 3.0 Honeycomb to 4.1 Jelly Bean

Go to "Settings" screen and tap "Developer options". Then, tap the box next to "USB debugging" so that you can connect your device to computer which can be done before enabling USB debugging, also.

.jpeg   debugging-settings-about-phone.jpeg (Size: 20.11 KB / Downloads: 12)
.jpeg   debugging-enble-usb-debugging.jpeg (Size: 21.33 KB / Downloads: 11)

Part 4: Android 2.3 Gingerbread or Earlier

Tap "Settings" on the home screen to enter "Application" > "Development" and tick "USB debugging". That's it!

.png   debugging-2-3-settings-developer.png (Size: 6.57 KB / Downloads: 11)
.png   debugging-2-3-settings-developer-options.png (Size: 11.91 KB / Downloads: 12)
.png   debugging-2-3-usb-debugging.png (Size: 5.15 KB / Downloads: 12)

With the help of this guide, are you aware of how to enable USB debugging on your personal Android phone? The first thing you need to prepare for this job is to make sure which Android OS is in your devices. Now, you're allowed to download something on your phone freely and quickly root your phone, back up your Android phone files, etc.

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We are going to share the trick on how to hide important files and folders inside calculator app on Android device. You need to setup a password and then press the “=” button then you will get to see the files inside the app. Go through the post to know about it.


We all know that there are billions of users who are using Android right now. Android is the platform which implements more features than any other operating system. We have already shared few tricks on how to hide Files & Folders in Android as we all need privacy in our contents.

Today we are going to share another trick that will let you hide your files and folders in Android. We are going to use “Smart Hide Calculator” which is a fully functional calculator app but with a little twist. This app is actually a vault where you can store pictures, videos, and documents. You need to setup a password and then press the “=” button then you will get to see the files inside the app.

“Smart Hide Calculator” is a fully functional calculator app but with a little twist. Once you enter the password (You get to set it on the first start of app and can also be changed in future) and press the ‘=’ button then boom you are presented with an interface where you can hide, unhide pictures, videos, documents or files with any file extension placed in a folder on SD card, and if your device have root, you can also hide (freeze) and unhide (un-freeze) apps.

Step 1. First of all, you need to download and install the app Smart Hide calculator on your Android device.


Step 2. Now open the app and you need to set a password for using this app. This is the password that you will use to unlock your hidden files.


Step 3. After you confirmed the password, you will see the fully functional calculator app on your screen.


Step 4. You just need to enter the password and tap on “=” button to access the vault.


Step 5. Once you entered the password and tapped on ‘=’ button you will get to see the options likes “Hide Files”, “Unhide Files” etc.


That’s it! You can now select the files that you want to hide. If you want to unhide the files then simply go to the vault and select the option “Unhide Files” and from there you can unhide files.


Using Calculator Vault- Gallery Lock

Use this calculator vault to hide pictures, hide photos, hide videos and use app lock secretly inside the app. Calculator vault – Gallery Lock app open only by secret code that is set by you otherwise it functional as a simple calculator. This way no one knows your mobile had installed gallery lock and you can secretly hide pictures to keep safe from others by this Smart Calculator.
Step 1. First of all, download and install Calculator Vault on your Android smartphone.

.jpg   1.jpg (Size: 21.21 KB / Downloads: 25)
.png   unnamed.png (Size: 54.85 KB / Downloads: 27)

Step 2. Now open the app and you will be asked to create a Locker password. Simply put up a password there and tap on ‘Create’

.png   Calculator-Vault-6-e1497167400695.png (Size: 107.17 KB / Downloads: 26)

Step 3. Now you will be asked to set a recovery question simply set it according to your wish.

.png   Calculator-Vault-7-e1497167418866.png (Size: 119.23 KB / Downloads: 25)

Step 4. Now you will see a fully functional calculator. Just enter your password to open the vault.

.png   Calculator-Vault-1-e1497167436319.png (Size: 62.38 KB / Downloads: 26)

Step 5. Now you will see a vault where you can put up pictures, videos or files.

.png   Calculator-Vault-2-e1497167455777.png (Size: 77.69 KB / Downloads: 26)

Step 6. Now simply tap on the pictures and then tap on the ‘+’ button to start selecting the images

.png   Calculator-Vault-3-e1497167477126.png (Size: 70.84 KB / Downloads: 30)

Step 7. Once you selected the image you will see the screen like below. The image you selected in the vault will not appear on your Gallery anymore.

.png   Calculator-Vault-4-e1497167495454.png (Size: 75.46 KB / Downloads: 27)

Step 8. Now if you want to unhide the photo simply tap on the three dot button just beside the image and select the option ‘Unhide’. Choose the restoration path to continue.

.png   Calculator-Vault-5-e1497167513952.png (Size: 78.72 KB / Downloads: 26)

Note: Before uninstalling the app make sure you have unhide all the images or files or else it will be deleted
That’s it! you are done. This is how you can hide files and images inside calculator app.
So, above is all about how to hide important files and folders inside calculator app. This is the most effective hiding tools you can have in your device because everyone will think it as a simple calculator. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too.

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