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Most of us often face certain situations where we only have our phones to click great looking shots instead of DSLRs. Here are some of the nifty tricks that can improve your photography skills.

[Image: Pro-images-696x365.png]

Tips To Click Better ‘Pro’ Images In Your Smartphone
We must admit that smartphone technology is raising day by day and the manufacturers are tending to build strong and feature rich hardware devices. If we talk about hardware on any smartphones, a camera is one of the major hardware aspects of any smartphone that really seeks attention.
Nowadays, manufacturers focus a lot more on carving a sharp quality camera that could override the compact camera speed. Most of us often face certain situations where we only have our phones to click great looking shots instead of DSLRs
Well, we can’t get the same results like DSLRs, but there are few tricks which users can implement in their Camera’s pro mode for clicking professional looking images. Here are some of the nifty tricks that can improve your photography skills.

#1 Don’t stick to just one shot
Today, every smartphone comes with a feature that allows users to click 2-3 continuous shots of the same object at the same time. Therefore, make sure you use that feature. Click at least 3-4 shots of the subject and later sort them by picking the best ones.
#2 Don’t forget To Crop
If we click any photos and if the subject in the image is not in the middle, we delete it immediately. However, there is an option in the camera editor, that let users crop the image. Cropping the shot won’t harm anything. But, you can crop the image to zoom in enough on the subject. However, over cropping would result in pixelation.
#3 Make sure to clean your lens before clicking images
Well, light smudges are easy to ignore. However, this can restrict you from taking good shots. If the lens is covered with smudges, then even the perfect shots after editing won’t give you the desired results. So, make sure to keep a dust removal cloth to wipe the lens before clicking images.
#4 Always use both hands to click photos
Holding the smartphone with both the hands gives a better control over the frames and also reduces the chances of getting the blurred images. Clicking photos using one hand would bring blurred shots, which might look tiny in small screen but can be clearly seen on the large screen.
#5 Make use of ISO feature
This feature comes in almost every smartphone nowadays. However, if it was missing on your default camera app, then you can install any third party app with ISO feature. By setting the level of this feature the sensibility or the sensitivity of the camera sensor increases or decreases hence it opts to capture more or less light. If you are clicking low light images, then increasing the amount of ISO could help capture more details.
#6 Don’t forget to Explore
Default setting doesn’t work every time. You must learn to play with the camera settings to find the best-suited option. Users need to play with resolution, aspect ratio, brightness, ISO, contrast and almost everything the camera app offers.
So, these are the few tricks which users can implement in their Camera’s pro mode for clicking professional looking images. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too!

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There are few phone charging habits you can implement in your daily life that can increase the longevity of your device’s battery. Here in this article, we are going to share few tips on how to charge your smartphone and make its battery last longer.

[Image: Charging-696x365.png]

6 Things You Should Never Do While Charging Your Smartphone
Today, more than billions are using Android/iOS devices. Everyone encounters a problem with battery reinforcement. A mobile operating system like Android consumes much battery compared to others.
On the average, our smartphone battery lasts about 7-8 hours. Long lasting battery life was always an important factor for buyers to consider before purchasing any phone.
However, there are few phone charging habits you can implement in your daily life that can increase the longevity of your device’s battery. Here in this article, we are going to share few tips on how to charge your smartphone and make its battery last longer.

#1 Charge Your Smartphone with Original Charger
It will be best if you charge your phone with its own charger. Very often due to our busy schedule, we forgot to carry the original charger and replace it with a duplicate one. This is what affects battery performance. If you are using a replacement charger then, check its output voltage (V) and current (Ampere).
#2 Remove protective case while charging
You might have noticed, while our phone is on the charge, it becomes slightly warm. So, make sure to remove the phone’s protective case while charging. This can act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. If possible, try to flip the phone over while charging
#3 Never Leave Your Phone To charge overnight
There are many people, including me who left the phone plugged in overnight for charging. We just need to cut this practice. Charging overnight affects battery longevity, and it also makes your smartphone overheat. Therefore, make sure to unplug your charge when you feel it is sufficiently charged.
#4 Avoid third party battery apps
You might have already installed a battery or power management app on your smartphone. There are many applications available in Google Play Store that claims to increase the battery life of Android. However, these apps will not do any good to your battery because it increases the load on the smartphone and forces the device to use more battery power.
#5 Always Charge Up To 80%
We must admit that 80% charge is enough for a day, and it’s ideal for overall battery lifespan. Crossing the 80% mark can make your battery to overheat, thereby affecting battery’s life. So, it’s not necessary that your smartphone should always be topped up to a maximum.
#6 Avoid Constant recharge
We always tend to charge our smartphone when it reaches the 50% battery mark. However, that’s not the best thing to do. Users must allow the battery to discharge to around 20% before they plug it in. Studies have claimed that unnecessary and frequent recharges shorten the lifespan of the battery.
So, these are the six common things you should never do while charging your smartphone. Therefore, make sure to avoid these mistakes to improve your battery’s lifespan. Hope you like the post, share it with your friends too!

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If we talk about an Android operating system, the reason people choose Android over other mobile OS is that this platform has different kind of features for every particular purpose. We have managed to collect some of the useful codes for Android users which will help those who’re worried about being tracked.

[Image: Tracking-696x365.png]

How To Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Android
Let me tell you, those days are gone when a smartphone was only used for voice communication. We are living in a generation where our smartphones are more than a powerful computer that we used to carry in our pocket.
If we talk about an Android operating system, the reason people choose Android over other mobile OS is that this platform has different kind of features for every particular purpose. Today in this virtual world, there are so many security issues like lots of viruses, malware, trojans, and keylogger’s that can influence our devices.
Most of the malware is targeted to an Android operating system because Android is now powering a majority of smartphones. Safety should always be our top priority in these cases. Here we are going to mention few short codes that will help you find the settings of your phones and to find out either your messages and information are being tracked.

We have managed to collect some of the useful codes for Android users which will help those who’re worried about being tracked.
Code 1: *#21#
This code will let you find out whether your messages, calls, and other data are being diverted. You can find details about call forwarding. You can even find out where your data, voice, fax, SMS, sync, async, Packet access, and pad access call forwarding enabled or disabled.
Code 2:  *#62#
If your friend tells you, that your number is saying no-service or no-answer, then you need to dial this code on your smartphone to find out where your calls, messages, and data are being redirected. There are possibilities that your calls are being redirected to one of your cell phone operator’s numbers.
Code 3:  ##002#
This is a universal code to deactivate all call forwarding. This will immediately switch off all the redirections from your phone. If you feel that your call is being redirected, then you can dial this code to stop the redirecting. It will be a good idea to use this code before you have to use roaming so that the money won’t be taken from your account.
Code 4: *#06#
This code is used to find the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI). This code will be very useful to find the IMEI number of your smartphone. You can note down your IMEI number in a safe place. With the help of IMEI number, you can find your phone if someone steals it.
Code 5: *#*#4636#*#* or *#*#197328640#*#*
This special code allows anyone to track your location and also determine whether someone is following you.

Type in the following code in dial pad and then select the section called UMTS Cell Environment, then choose UMTS RR info. Now note down all the numbers under the Cell ID.
Now move to the main menu and then click on MM info tab > Serving PLMN. Now note down the numbers under Local area code (LAC).
After noting down these two numbers open the website opencelid and select the fourth tab to the left. From there you can determine the location on the map of the basic station that your phone is connected to.
So, these are the 5 codes which will help you to find out more about the settings of your phone and to find out whether your messages are protected or not. Hope you like the article, share it with your friends too!

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Let’s have a look at Best Virtual Phone Number Apps For Account Verification & Voice Calls that will help you to verify various account in your android phone. So have a look at all these apps discussed below to proceed.

[Image: Best-Virtual-Phone-Number-Apps-For-Accou...96x445.jpg]

Many different services across the internet requires the users to first verify their new accounts by the phone numbers. This is done to completely become sure about the reliability of the user. Social media services like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter and Instagram etc all are now using this function. Many other services like PayPal, Google etc that are commercial apps do use this service for enhanced security. Sometimes the user might not like to provide their private phone number to verify these accounts. This could become offsite for those users to create their account and they finally would end up with denying the services. For such kind of users that after extremely sensitive regarding providing their private phone number, there are some apps that could help to bypass that verification process easily. These are the virtual phone number verification apps which work by accessing the whole process of verification by enforcing some virtual phone number. Here in this article we have tested and placed the list of all those best virtual phone number verification apps for the Android devices. Just go and read the rest of article to know about those apps!

 Below we had selected some of the best apps that you will love to try in your android phone, So have a look at these apps and download them to your device.

[Image: Best-Virtual-Phone-Number-Apps-For-Accou...Calls1.jpg]
This app has some great strategy hidden behind. It enables the users to grasp any US number that is the virtual phone number and then let them make free calls and text conversation through that number too. Apart from that, the users can also use this provided number for the verification of accounts. The whole cost for the calling and messaging through this app is converted through the advertisements that display inside the app!
[Image: images.jpeg]

Free Text and Calls: This app so provides the virtual phone number for the verification processes’. And apart from that were must tell you that this is one of the most used text and calling app. Users can get their own unique US phone number and utilize it for various purposes. There is only one issue that has been noted, this app is sometimes reported as spam by the Google services or accounts. Other than that the app is all well for every other type of account verification!
[Image: Best-Virtual-Phone-Number-Apps-For-Accou...Calls3.jpg]
This app registered a free US virtual phone number for every user and makes it be users for a lifelong time. This app does not require to be registered using any phone number as other apps of this list so need. Users just require to either provide the phone number or their email. The app service works like charm and no issues could be concluded while our tests.
[Image: Best-Virtual-Phone-Number-Apps-For-Accou...Calls4.jpg]
This paid service helps the users by providing them with a virtual number from about 40 countries. The users could then use that number for any verification deals of their accounts. The number that you get is of cost 1.9 dollars that are amazingly less compared to its lifetime validity.
[Image: Best-Virtual-Phone-Number-Apps-For-Accou...Calls5.jpg]
 As the name of this app already suggests, this app is meant for providing of any virtual phone number that the users could use anonymously to verify their accounts. Being the app that works in such a way that nobody else could justify your deals on the network, this app is just amazing. You will always remain sure that none of your account details are being tracked by this app or anything like that. You just have to use this app without any worries!
 So this was the list of all those best Android apps which are meant for the phone number verification using virtual techniques. All these apps are fully respondent and you possibly might not encounter any issues. Certainly, if you get into any trouble worth these apps then you can contact us through the comments section below. We would try our best to help you sort out your issues. Towards the end of this article, were will say that you must try to verify your accounts using your phone number only as it makes the security of your account stiffer!

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Tutorial showing how to login to Google+ on Modded Games:



Prerequisites (Things required in order for this to work):


- Rooted Phone/Emulator

- Lucky Patcher

- Busy Box (Needed for some functions on Lucky patcher)

- Unsigned Mod APK of the game you are trying to connect to Google+


Note: If you do not have unsigned Mod APK of the game, You can make it by following this tutorial Here:


Important - Making Unsigned Mod Apk For Rooted Phone Use to Sign in to Google+



Installation Steps:


1) Open Lucky Patcher and click on toolbox 




2) After that click on Patch to Android button 




3) A new menu will open as soon as you click on Patch to android. Tick the 'Signature Verification status

always true' and 'Disable .apk Signature Verfication' and click on Apply. It will take some time to patch,

till then do not click on anything.




4) Once the patch is finished you will see a message as shown in the figure. Close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.





Some devices may not show this message but instead just restart the device, Make sure to check Lucky Patcher to see if the says patch Applied or not just below the patches


5) After your phone restarts, open Lucky Patcher again and Go to Toolbox---->Patch to Android again as shown in earlier steps.


6) Tick on the option 'Disable signature verification in the package manager' and click on Apply. Wait for it to complete the process. After the Process is completed, close Lucky Patcher and Reboot your device.



On Some devices after the patch is applied the phone will Reboot automatically. No need to Restart again if the phone Restarted automatically.


7) After the patches are applied, uninstall the modded game for which you are trying to connect to Google+


8) Install the Playstore version of the game that you are trying to connect to Google+, Once the Game is installed login to Google+


9) Get the unsigned mod APK of the modded game and install it (the game will automatically be installed over the Playstore version) Make sure you do not uninstall the Playstore version as it is very important.


10) It is done when you open the game now it will already be connected to Google+.




Text tutorial explaining how to login to Facebook with Modded Games:


1. Disable/uninstall Facebook app.

2. Launch the game that requires Facebook login to play.

3. You will be redirect to a browser login for Facebook.

4. Input your credentials.

5. Voila! You're set and ready to go.


Note: No root is required for this.




P.S: I have tried to go in as much detail as I can, If you still don't understand it, oh well

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This is game is like god of war game but it is very interesting game is suddenly find it on this page and posted this theard for you guys if u want to play this game visit this site http://play.mob.org/game/god_of_war_chai...ympus.html
Or how to download then watch this video

Attached Files
.jpg   9_god_of_war_chains_of_olympus.jpg (Size: 45.08 KB / Downloads: 14)
.jpg   6_god_of_war_chains_of_olympus.jpg (Size: 46.83 KB / Downloads: 14)
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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a video from a YouTuber who claims he has made thousands of dollars playing dice on Bitsler.win, a provably fair gambling site where you deposit bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin and try your luck with the dice bot. 
I was skeptical at first, but after listening and watching him use his technique, I was blown away at the perfect logic behind the system, and the endless flow of money which could arise from statistical prowess. 

Blockchain technology has revolutionized they way gambling works, meaning that the house advantage typically seen elsewhere is no longer as powerful. Bitsler.win makes it possible to sculpt your odds in your favor, as long as you are a smart player and follow the exact technique provided by Adam. 

I have made .25 bitcoin so far, just by using these simple steps, which I recommend trying after watching Adams video.


  • Set PAYOUT to 100X

  • Set ROLL OVER 99 to win

  • Winning events set BACK TO BASE

  • Losing events INCREASE BY 1%. This is the essence of the method. Increasing your bet amounts on the inevitable rain of losses per roll gives you a nice profit once you hit that WIN.

  • Deposit at least 0.1 BTC into Bitsler. This gives you more rolling power, so you don't end up losing everything in case you hit more than 400 straight losses. The more bitcoin you have, the more it becomes impossible for you to lose everything. So far I have seen the method work.

  • START PIlOT MODE. Now watch closely for that 1 win. You are looking to make ONE SINGLE WIN, which will increase your amount by roughly %1

  • STOP PILOT MODE once you hit that win. For some reason, people have had bad experiences by letting it run for hours with out stopping on each win. I assume there is an algorithm on the site which defends against people just letting the game run for hours with these odds. By stopping each time, you reset the system and guarantee your profits. 

  • WITHDRAW after each .1 BTC made. Be smart, you never know when a website could crash or cease to exist. With anything, its always better to not put all your eggs in one basket. I recommend Poloniex for storage of bitcoin and any other crypto. You should actually be buying ETC right now Smile

I can absolutely guarantee slow steady profits on this site. I will be updating you guys on my progress and it is my desire that you will realize the potential and analyze the numbers yourself before being skeptical. I was once a skeptic, but I am now a believer in provably fair dice. 
Click the link below to get started!!


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Finally, after so many buzzes over the internet, a new update came from Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview Offer.
Transform your home into a happy, smart home with India’s first and only 100% fiber video-optimized network that enables you with the ultra-high speed at fingertips.
As per the latest reports and leaks, it’s clear that Reliance JioFiber is likely to come up with complementary services of Preview Offer for 90 Days initially.

Features Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview:
Consistent High speed: Download, upload, stream 4K videos, movies and your favorite music. Play games, video chat with friends and family and much more.
Connect with multiple devices: Enjoy ultra-high speed internet connectivity on multiple devices simultaneously, without compromising on the speed.
Free Services on Jiofiber Preview offer
Complimentary access for 90 days
Ultra-high speed internet @ 100Mbps
Monthly data of 100GB
Premium Jio Applications: JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioNews, JioXpressNews, JioCloud
Also get some new services like Fixed Voice, Media share, Live & Catchup TV on the large screen, Home Automation, Surveillance, Gaming and more for a complete digital experience.

How to get

Reliance Jio JioFiber Preview Offer for 90 Days
You can get Jio fiber by paying an interest-free refundable security deposit of only Rs 4500. Call Jiocare on the toll-free number 199 from your Jio number, 1800-896-9999 from any other number or write us at getjio@jio.com.

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